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Lack of finances can make a massive difference for individuals and businesses anywhere in the country, including those in the Somerset, PA, area. There are certain times where overwhelming debt and financial obligations pose a threat to the livelihood and credit of Somerset-area residents. When this happens, our clients might consider opting for a bankruptcy filing, and that is where Marc T. Valentine comes in. As an experienced bankruptcy team, the professionals at Marc T. Valentine & Associates, P.C., can guide individual and commercial clients through the process. Whether determining the viability of a bankruptcy filing or determining the assets that might require liquidation in the case, we are here to help. For more information on bankruptcy law, call our law office at (814) 701-2835 and talk to our friendly staff.

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How Can Bankruptcy Benefit You?

Depending on the type of bankruptcy you require, a filing can provide many short and long-term benefits to get you back on your feet. Perhaps the most important benefit bankruptcy affords individuals is the alleviation of creditor pressure. This means creditors can no longer hassle you, file lawsuits, garnish your wages, or foreclose on your home. Another obvious benefit of bankruptcy is the discharging of certain applicable debts, which in many cases actually can improve your credit score in the long run. To learn about your options pertaining to bankruptcy, contact Marc T. Valentine & Associates, P.C., today or visit our offices in Somerset and Meyersdale.

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To learn more about whether or not bankruptcy is the right option for you or your business, talk to our team of legal experts in Somerset County, PA. With two convenient locations, you can meet with an attorney to discuss your options when it comes to bankruptcy proceedings. We provide legal counsel that not only can get creditors off your back, but work toward rebuilding your credit without forfeiting major assets. If you live in Western PA or Western Maryland, and would like a bankruptcy consultation, contact Marc T. Valentine & Associates, P.C., today.

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