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Representation for Misdemeanor Cases Near Somerset, PA

While misdemeanors are considered lesser crimes in terms of the law, they can still have significant ramifications on an individual moving forward. Potential fines and incarceration, in addition to a permanent criminal record and tarnished reputation, are some ramifications of a misdemeanor conviction. If you or a loved one is accused of a crime resulting in a misdemeanor, talk to the criminal law experts at Marc T. Valentine & Associates, P.C. With experience in criminal law and criminal defense, our attorney can analyze your misdemeanor case and make sure to protect your rights in court or resolution.

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Contact Our Attorney About Felony Criminal Law Representation

Since Marc T. Valentine began practicing law, he has worked tirelessly to defend the rights of all his clients. There are fewer points where a fair and just trial are vital to a client than during a felony trial. A felony conviction is one of the most serious aspects of the criminal justice system and often includes significant periods of incarceration and large fines. When dealing with felony cases, attorney Valentine works hard to find all the pertinent information and defend his clients’ rights. For felony representation in Western PA or Western Maryland, contact Marc T. Valentine & Associates, P.C., today.

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Experienced at Resolving Criminal Issues Outside of the Courtroom

One element of criminal law that Marc T. Valentine takes great pride in his ability to resolve criminal cases before they reach trial. Court costs and other legal fees add extra stress to an already stressful situation, so we prefer to avoid trials whenever possible. Though we do work toward these goals, we also prepare for every case as if they were going to trial, so we remain prepared if they do. When facing a criminal law issue, talk to Somerset County’s top attorney at Marc T. Valentine & Associates, P.C. Give us a call today for more information.

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