Divorce, Support, and Custody

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It’s best to enlist the help of lawyers for cases involving divorce, support, and custody. Modifications can occur in each situation, and attorneys can help you navigate the process. Are you struggling with understanding these situations? If so, don’t worry; Marc T. Valentine & Associates PC can help.

Our Somerset, PA, attorneys will explain divorce, support, and custody in general terms, along with the modifications that can arise. At Marc T. Valentine & Associates PC, our attorneys are proud to help our customers with these cases. Follow along in our blog this month to learn more about how lawyers can help you.

Understand the Definition of Divorce, Support, and Custody

Before making a final decision on any of these situations, it’s essential to understand what they mean. Having experienced attorneys by your side can make the navigation process for these cases much more manageable. Divorce, support, and custody are all complex challenges that couples everywhere go through. Here is a brief definition of each situation in and around Somerset, PA:


To divorce in Somerset, PA, and beyond, one or both spouses must live here for at least six months. A divorce is not final until the court enters a divorce decree. Pennsylvania law considers divorce in three categories: mutual consent, un-consented, and fault-based.


In Pennsylvania, courts calculate alimony, spousal, and child support using a formula. Snap Divorce explains how each type of support is calculated.


The Keystone State classifies custody in two forms: physical and legal. Judges decide the best custody arrangement based on each parents’ role in caring for the child. The court looks for stability in education, family, and community life for the children. It also considers the relationship with the extended family.

Enlist the Help of an Attorney for Potential Modifications in a Divorce

After finalizing a divorce in Somerset, PA, couples can file an appeal to modify the decree. Modifications are usually the best way to change certain aspects of a divorce decree. When drafting a motion to modify, you must demonstrate certain circumstances that warrant a change. Lawyers can help you present the events in a convincing way to the court.

The court will schedule a hearing date to present your argument. If you and your spouse agree that a modification is necessary, attach the agreement to your petition. Individuals can complete divorce modifications, but they are expensive.

Attorneys Can Help You Modify Support Payments

With the help of an attorney, individuals can file a “motion to modify” spousal support, child support, and alimony payments. In order for the court to grant your motion, you must present a substantially changed circumstance. Circumstances can include loss of job, unexpected educational expenses, increased daycare costs, and more.

If individuals’ changed circumstances result in these cases, they will need to argue them in court. Experienced lawyers can help you file an uncontested motion to modify spousal support, child support, and alimony payments. If both parties reach a mutual modification agreement, a court hearing is unnecessary.

Individuals Can File a Petition to Modify Custody Orders

If couples can’t agree on a mutual agreement to modify a custody order, attorneys can help them file a petition. Couples must prepare a schedule that reflects their child’s best interest to do this successfully. Along with that, you must fill out an official petition to present to the judge.

Your custody lawyer can assist you by helping you accurately fill out the petition and negotiating with others involved. In addition, attorneys can also help draft the schedule and make sure you’ve addressed all critical issues. With the help of experienced lawyers, individuals can present a solid case to judges for custody modification.

Consult an Attorney for Assistance with Divorce, Support, and Custody

An experienced lawyer is your greatest ally when dealing with modifications for these cases. They have the skills, experience, and knowledge to ensure your case runs smoothly. Everyone is trying to do what’s best for all parties, and they can help you do just that.

Whether you think a collaborative approach will work in determining divorce, support, and custody, or court hearings, consult experienced lawyers. Call our law firm today for superior service in divorce, support, and custody cases in and around Somerset, PA.

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