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Environmental Law in Southern PA with Marc T. Valentine & Associates, P.C.

Environmental Issues Surround Us Every Day in Somerset, PA

Environmental law in Southern PA is always a hot subject for Marc T. Valentine & Associates, P.C. Our firm in Somerset, PA, features experience for more than a decade with  small business environmental services. Having thorough knowledge of environmental permitting gives us an edge on proper procedures and processes.

So what kind of proper processes do we mean, exactly? Since environmental law covers many wide-ranging topics, we felt it best to cover a little about each one. It is important to note that your own involvement with environmental law can vary:

  • A municipal case may focus on sewage or storm water issues affecting many residents or businesses in an affected area.
  • A corporate stance on environmental law could relate to surface or sub-surface mining rights for oil and gas.
  • A private land owner may have legal concerns with solid waste management on their property.

These are just a few examples.

Municipal Environmental Law Matters Cover a Lot of Ground

Cities, towns, and various municipalities throughout the country encounter a variety of environmental law matters. In any given year, there could be brief issues to tackle. Some of these range from the proper way to obtain a storm sewer easement to issuing notices to  code violators. Environmental law for municipalities continues to progress since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued its Municipal Sector Study in 1988.

Being used to dealing with environmental law on a consistent basis, our firm can address municipal environmental law matters. Marc T. Valentine & Associates, P.C. understands the critical nature of environmental law as it pertains to municipalities. It is not a back-burner issue, as it can be with some firms.

For larger municipalities, especially, matters can literally cover a lot of ground. There may be residents and businesses, transportation systems, and roadways involved. All may have some stake in the outcome. From fact-finding, to impact meetings, expert testimony, and more, Mark T. Valentine can address environmental law matters for municipalities.

Environmental Law for Corporations in the Thick of Things

In today’s earth-sensitive milieu, many corporations can find themselves embroiled in various environmental lawsuits. In South-Central Pennsylvania, there are corporations with large interest and activities relating to mining oil, gas, and coal. Throughout the Marcellus Shale region of the country, there is a lot of case law in the public record. Marc T. Valentine & Associates, P.C. can assist area corporations with environmental law matters.

An article by Inc.com informs us:

“Environmental law in its current form developed in the 1960s and culminated in the passage of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969.”

The evolution of environmental law relating to corporations evolved over the past 50 years. Aiding businesses with the aspects and impacts of environmental law takes intimate knowledge of the various entities and agencies involved. It requires skilled legal representation and these legal waters can be treacherous to navigate alone.

Corporations large and small can find themselves in the thick of things with regard to their operations. Legal issues may revolve around above- and underground drilling rights, recovery operations, transportation, pipeline installation, production, and more. Increasing awareness of environmental impact adds to the diplomacy required to successfully manage various topics. Again, having a skilled firm working with you can make all the difference in meeting objectives within the confines of environmental law.

Private Landowners Have Need of an Environmental Law Attorney

From managing fallout from a broken sewer line to installing alternate septic systems, private landowners may need a skilled attorney. In Somerset and the surrounding areas of South-Central Pennsylvania, landowners can rely on Marc T. Valentine & Associates, P.C.

Our expertise with private land environmental law matters goes far beyond waste management. Matters for private land owners may also involve the private use of area land or waterways for personal recreational use. The PA Department of Environmental Protection offers insight for citizens on important legal issues about air, water, recycling, and more.

Educating yourself and your family on critical issues does not require an attorney’s expertise. However, running afoul of local ordinances or other environmental laws can necessitate a call to our firm. Inquire about zoning issues, permit challenges, and other impacts relating to land management and use. Our firm can assist private land owners with a variety of individual matters before they become a collective headache.

Remember Kermit’s Song, “It’s Not Easy Being Green”

Not long after enacting environmental policies in the late 1960s, the popular children’s show Sesame Street did not shy away from such topics. One song featured character Kermit the Frog singing, “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” It was about the tribulation associated with blending into the environment.

Many of today’s municipal and corporate entities, as well as private landowners, can relate to environmental difficulties. Even with the best intentions and due diligence, there can be impediments to plans and projects. As an environmental law attorney serving Somerset and the Southern PA region, Marc T. Valentine can help.

Call our firm when you need experience on environmental law at every level. Know that we will actively work with you to resolve matters to the best of our ability. We look forward to seeing you next month for more on legal matters that can affect your life.

Call Marc T. Valentine & Associates, P.C., in Somerset, PA, at (814) 701-2835. We work with municipal, corporate, and private landowners on important issues. Check our site for more on environmental law in Southern PA.