Marc T. Valentine and Associates, P.C. Represents Divorce & Child Custody

Marc T. Valentine and Associates, P.C. Will Fight For You in Family Court

Embroiled in a divorce or custody fight and it is turning nasty? Stop stressing out about the situation and call the family law experts at Marc T. Valentine and Associates, P.C., who will take the burden off of you and start fighting for you. We will take the necessary steps to get you the best results in a tough situation.
Settle your divorce out of court with Marc T. Valentine in Somerset, PA

We Help Our Clients Resolve Divorce Out of Court

At Marc T. Valentine and Associates, P.C., we know that a divorce can be messy when both parties are hurting, but we encourage our clients to resolve their differences out of court whenever it is possible. If it is not possible, we can help you make the best arrangements possible. We help our clients with divorce matters like:
  • Alimony
  • Child support
  • Property settlement
  • Legal separation
  • Child custody & visitation

Confused About Child Custody? We Will Clear It Up

Feeling confused about the court’s child custody or visitation arrangement? Maybe you are having second thoughts about making a deal with the mother or father of your child in which you do not have custody or much visitation. If you are feeling that way, then it is probably time to contact Marc T. Valentine about representing you. Sometimes you do not even have to go to court to get the matter resolved.
Trust the child support experts at Marc T. Valentine in Somerset, PA

Child Support Experts Will Take the Burden from You

So, your ex-husband does not think he has to pay child support? Your ex-wife is getting way too much child support, or she wants an increase in alimony? At Marc T. Valentine, we help our clients understand the child support rules and the responsibilities that come with paying or receiving child support. Do not let the situation with your child become more burdensome than it already is.