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Whether physical, mental, or otherwise, disabilities can make working a difficult or impossible ordeal. In many cases, workers who have paid into the social security system for years become disabled when least expected, and deserve to reap the benefits of SSD. When it comes to receiving the social security disability insurance you are entitled to, speed up the process with Marc T. Valentine & Associates, P.C. With extensive legal experience surrounding SSD insurance, Attorney Valentine works tirelessly to get his clients the compensation they deserve. For more information, give our law office in Somerset a call today at (814) 701-2835.

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Another major aspect of the social security system is supplemental security income, or SSI. This is an option for disabled or senior citizens who do not have a strong source of income, and their condition or age prevent them from earning a sufficient amount of money. While not paid directly from social security taxes, SSI is available through proper legal representation with the assistance of Attorney Marc Valentine. Our law office can assist clients with the paperwork and conditions necessary to obtain SSI benefits. For more information on SSI or any other social security representation, visit our law offices in Somerset or Meyersdale to speak with our qualified legal team.

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Residents of Somerset County, PA, and surrounding areas in Western PA and Western Maryland can count on Marc T. Valentine & Associates, P.C., for social security counsel. Millions of Americans rely on social security to survive after losing the ability to work, and our attorney works diligently to find the best path forward toward proper compensation. With years of experience in the industry, Marc Valentine has established a close relationship with his clients and prides himself on his many SSD accomplishments. For more information on how to receive professional social security consultations, give us a call today.

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